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Each session is a 60-minute guided boxing workout in a group class setting. You will start with a full body warmup to all the major muscle groups, followed by heavy bag work and ending with a much needed cool down. The workout combinations are displayed on the wall to keep you focused and engaged.



This class is a fusion of boxing and high intensity interval training (HIIT). It involves guided bag work and intense bursts of bodyweight exercises. This type of training gets your heart rate up to its maximum level to ignite fat burning and boost metabolism.


 A boxing-only class for individuals interested in developing their technical skills further. More in depth concentration on footwork, defensive skills and extensive combos. This class is designed to increase your strength and agility.


This class is a ladies only version of PUNCHIIT & PUNCH Classic. It is by no means less intense than the mixed classes and will take your conditioning to the next level. During these classes, the studio will be fully private and closed for ladies only.

PUNCH_BLITZ_V1 copy.png

Specialty program for individuals looking for a quick work-out session. 30 minutes of intense non-stop action. The class consists of creatively choreographed boxing with body weight rounds. Adrenaline junkies only.

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