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Punch Abu Dhabi Boxing Fitness Center, Punch Boxing Equipments Store, Boxing Gloves Emirates


PUNCH is an immersive boxing fitness experience, designed with state of the art punching bags, insane light experiences, and curated playlists. Our guided 50 minute boxing classes will push you to your full potential, whether you're a novice or an experienced boxer.


But it's more than a workout, it's the ability to lose yourself in class and pummel whatever might be bothering you right out into that bag. You can call it therapy if you like.

You'll walk into your second home, and be greeted by one of our lovely fam, who will check you in, give you clean wraps and gloves and show you your exact spot in class.


Once it's time, your instructor will call you in and start demonstrating the boxing stance, punches and defenses to make sure you know exactly how each movement is done. If you are familiar with boxing, this is a good refresher for you.


As soon as class starts, the lights go dimmer and music gets LOUDER, so glove up and get ready for this experience!

Punch Abu Dhabi Boxing Fitness Center, Boxing Courses, Classes and Training

Your second class is on the house!

    Are the classes suitable for beginners? Absolutely! This class is designed to make boxing accessible for beginners as well as fighters who would like to practice their PUNCHES. Our classes are not technical, but rather an all-inclusive boxing-based fitness experience. How long is the class for? Our classes are typically 1 hour long; however, on some occasions, we will throw in a little extra time just to spice up your day (don't worry, we will let you know in advance when that happens). Is there an age requirement? We trust you'll be over 14 years of age. Do you have ladies only classes? Ladies come first! Our schedule accommodates for our box sisters who want to PUNCH their heart out at their own comfort zones. Just look for PUNCH Ladies in the schedule.
    How can I book? Bookings are done online. You can purchase and book your spot in the class. Create an account >> Buy a package >> Book your class from the schedule. Can I pay for my class when I arrive? You may pay in cash or by card upon arrival. However, we will not be able to guarantee a spot for you if the class gets pre-booked. Can I book for someone else? Each person needs to create his own account inorder to book for classes. What is the waitlist policy? When a class fills up, our online booking system will give you the option to be on the waitlist (marked as 'W' on the schedule). The waitlist automatically allocates boxers on a first come, first serve basis. If you are on the waitlist and your spot opens, the booking system will auto enroll you in the class and an email will be sent to you. If you decided to be on the wailist, and wanted to cancel, make sure it is at least 1 hour prior to the start of the class, otherwise the normal cancellation policy will be in effect.
    What should I wear to class? Wear whatever feels comfortable to you. You are going to sweat so much, so be prepared for that! What shoes shall I wear to class? Your trainers. Do I have to bring boxing gloves and wraps with me? We provide you with boxing gloves everytime. When you purchase the first timer package, you also get free wraps to use and keep. If you forget to bring your own wraps on the next visit, we have different types of wraps available for purchase. When should I arrive to class? First timers must arrive 20 minutes before the start of class. Regulars please arrive 15 minutes before the start of class. This will give you enough time to check-in and setup. There's nothing worse than feeling rushed into a class.
    Where are we located? We are located at Zayed Sports City, International Tennis Complex, Abu Dhabi. Link to google maps here. Where can I park? The closest parking is near Gate 12 (across to the bowling centre). There are plenty of parking spots around the building. Are there showers and lockers available?​ Yes. Showers and lockers are available. Just bring your own towel. Is there drinking water available? Yes. Water and disposable cups are available for your use. Feel free to bring your own water bottle to refill if you want to. We also offer bottled water for purchase if you prefer.
    I am running late, can I still show up to class? In order not to disturb the experience for others, we cannot accept late comers within 5 minutes into the class. If you come after 5 minutes of the class starting, you will be considered as no-show. Something came up, can I cancel? You may cancel up to 60 minutes before class starts (4 Hours during COVID). Less than 60 minutes (4 Hours during COVID) will result in deduction of credits. Just login to your account and reschedule to another suitable time.
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